30 illustrations in 30 Days

Starts tomorrow (Nov. 24) @


winter, already? curses.

Ah, I love Northern Ontario, and the increasingly wacky global weather patterns. Snow for the next 4 months. At least it isn't 4 months of the musician Snow, that would be a lot worse. I also assume that it would just be the song 'Informer' on repeat, as I'm not aware if he actually wrote anything other than that song. 
Regardless, The internet gremlins left my webpage for greener pastures, There should be another large update to my portfolio in the early new year. In the meantime, I'm switching over to flickr to post any work that isn't going up on the site, and reserving my blog for any wicked bad announcements. 

Speaking of which, I have a laptop skin for sale at www.infectious.com, there's also a link directly to it on my shop page. I'm pretty happy with its bad-assitude. And high fives to everyone at Infectious. 
Also, Monday Nov. 24th marks day 1 of a 30 illustrations in 30 days marathon I'm foolishly engaging in with a designer friend, Andrew Knapp (his stuff is seriously amazing and I'll get a link to his stuff soon).

You can check that out at:

over and out



so... it seems as though my website has inexplicably went all screwy and crashed. 
so, for now, i'll be getting my blogspot on. 

i hate you, technology, and the magic squirrels that you're powered by.


the blinginest bingo lady you ever did see

oh snap, granny just scored a full card!

assorted drawrings for your perusal


Bro: the mysterious connection between Batman and Magnum P.I. finally revealed

are Magnum P.I. and Batman, in fact, the same person? damn straight they are.
both have wicked awesome cars, both fight crime, both have butlers. 
and that's what we call solid evidence.